Kodachrome (The Movie)

“People are taking more pictures now than ever before, billions of them, but there are no slides, no prints. Just data. Electronic dust. Years from now when they dig us up there won’t be any pictures to find, no record of who we were or how we lived.”

“We’re all so frightened by time, the way it moves on and the way things disappear. That’s why we’re photographers. We’re preservationists by nature. We take pictures to stop time, to commit moments to eternity. Human nature made tangible.”

Studio security camera captures meteor and makes headline news!

Surprised and amazed to see the studio security camera clearly capture a meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere at exactly 21:54:18 GMT last night. Apparently a sonic boom was heard by some people! The sound probably created when the fireball exploded (as seen when it became brighter in the video, viewable below and also on my personal Instagram account @Leximan). The event was also captured at the same time by our home security camera… now realising both cameras are facing North-West!

See the videos on my personal Instagram feed here!

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